Unity, Faith and Hope

Things are awry
Nothing is working
Prices are goin’ up

Top guns aren’t sorry
More mess they’re creating
Corruption is eating us up

Yes, conditions are dreary
Institutions are wasting
But we won’t let up

Truly, many are weary
People are dying
But we won’t give up

The future seems scary
But we won’t give in
No, we won’t give up!

We won’t always worry
We’ll keep striving,
playing our part and never giving up

In this, we’ll tarry
For we see Nigeria rising
And we won’t give up.

pp (7) new About the Author Ogaga Eruteya is a Nigerian Christian minister, writer and speaker. He writes on Faith, Personal Development, Youth Development, and Life Realities. With his words, he seeks to inspire, motivate, propagate life’s truths and represent a sincere Christian voice. Learn more about Ogaga here.

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