FaithAndLivingis home to my musings and probe into issues of faith and other life issues. I do this employing a variety of writing. So, in here, you’ll find a collage of interesting posts including poems, personal stories, essays and articles.


is spread across 6 categories or micro blogs:

  • Christian Diary – Here I post thoughts, insights, experiences and stories about the Christian life as well as bible expositions. Read all posts here
  • Faith Queries – I have always had critical questions about God, the bible and the Christian faith. And I have been confronted with some by other people too. This is for you if you also have such tough inquiries. Read all posts here
  • Life Reflections – I am often drawn to ponder on life’s experiences, seeking understanding and growth. This is where I pen such random musings, stories and self-help essays for purposeful living. Read all posts here
  • Poetry – Here I publish Christian, inspirational, motivational and reality poems that are accessible; and sometimes amusing. Read all posts here
  • Student Affairs – I am a big fan of campus experience. So, here I communicate what i am learning and what i have learnt, about academic excellence and maximizing student life, drawing from personal experience and insight from other sources. Read all posts here



Ogaga Eruteya is a Christian minister, protean writer and dynamic speaker. He writes on a variety of subjects that are close to his heart, true to his nature and allied to his purpose; all with the underlying quest of making a difference.

These, fall under four broad themes: Faith and Christianity, Personal Development and Productivity, Academic Excellence and Youth Development, and Life Realities.

With his writings, he seeks to inspire, motivate, propagate life’s truths and represent a sincere Christian voice. Learn more about Ogaga here.


When I Became A Man is a small but powerful book that contains 12 lessons i have learnt along life’s path presented as accessible, inspirational poems. They have been written to encourage you and motivate you to give your best shot to life, and be a blessing. Get your copy here.