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When I Became a Man


When I Became a Man is an insightful collection of 12 lessons i have learnt along life’s path presented as accessible, inspirational poems.

With a focus on growth and progress, it is a refreshing admixture of straight talk to get you out of inertia as well as words stringed together to encourage, reinvigorate and keep you going.

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Cistern of Treasures

Cistern of treasures is a collection of poems that are not written in the usual flowery poetry language. However, it employs a variety of poetic forms as it seeks to speak to the reader, in direct, accessible language about values, character, principles and certain realities of life. Written with a tint of Christian perspective, and a bias for young people, it nonetheless covers topics that resonate with every one; conveying rich meaning with deep insight.

What Readers Are Saying

  • It is an awesome piece of art. Only few medics can be so good at poetry as this. Pelumi Fasulu, UCH Ibadan.
  • We are reading your book and it is really innovative and inspirational. Eddy Austin, Port Harcourt.
  • Wonderful book, beyond poems, cistern of treasures indeed. My wife so loved the numerous poems therein. Adedayo Adediwura, Ile Ife.
  • Superb! I read the preface and couldn’t stop smiling. Then I read Silence, the first poem, and my smile broadened. Clear mission. Well written. Toks Emmanuel, London.
  • Beautiful poems, divinely inspired. You don’t want to miss reading this. Believe me. Tobi Fapohunda-Adeniji, Ogbomoso
  • It’s a highly creative work, and an average reader with little exposure to poetry should understand at least seventy per cent of the whole piece at first reading. Rapture Adelasoye, Epe, Lagos.

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