WHAT is Here?

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Variety, they say, is the spice of life. On this website that holds true because you will find a collage of interesting writings including snippets, poems, stories, essays, articles and so on.

I Focus On The Big Two

All these, are covered under two broad topics: Faith and Life.

  • Faith

A wide array of topics and issues that revolve around the bible, the Christian and his faith as well as the questions he needs to answer and the ones he needs to ask.

  • Life               

A variety of pieces that touch on life in general, as it concerns us as humans. 

Got Them In Micro Blogs

These topics are spread across 5 categories

  • Christian Diary – Here I post thoughts, insights, experiences and stories about the Christian life as well as bible expositions. 
  • Faith Queries I have always had critical questions about God, the bible and the Christian faith. And I have been confronted with some by other people too. The more I understand the more I write. This is for you if you also have such tough inquiries.
  • Life Reflections – I am often drawn to ponder on life’s experiences, seeking understanding and growth. This is where I pen such random musings, stories and self-help essays for purposeful living.
  • Student Affairs – I am a big fan of campus experience. So, here I communicate what i am learning and what i have learnt, about academic excellence and maximizing student life, drawing from personal experience and insight from other sources.
  • Poetry – Here I publish Christian, inspirational, motivational and reality poems that are accessible; and sometimes amusing.

What This Blog Offers

  • Information – Knowledge and discoveries drawn from probing and learning in pursuit of answers.
  • Instruction – Advice on how to do specified things or how to do them better.
  • Inspiration – Insights and narratives to enrich your mind; reinvigorate you and propel you.
  • Lessons – Reflections on what we see and experience in and around us and what they say to us.
  • Motivation – Thoughts to make you act and reasons you shouldn’t relent.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, upvote, disagree or critique what you read here in the comments section, using civil language.

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