Maybe I’ll Be Famous

Again I’m torn,between slumber and awakening The rooster’s crow,like a nagging childpesters again and again. Maybe he’ll be famousEven if just for his musicMaybe he won’t. But he’ll be backto sing perpetuallyinto our tired ears:Coo-coo-roo-cooHe’ll keep his duty,till there’s a coupand he is cooked Or his time is overand he has to report. Like him, …

How He Speaks

I spoke to you yesterday,all I got was a snub. I spoke to you today,all I got was inaction. If only you repliedIf only you scribbledIf only you yieldedIf only you obeyed Then I would know certainly;More often, we can commune Tomorrow, I will speak againAnd even thereafter;But it may not always be so.

Teacher and Pupils

When people say to you,‘thank you very much’,always tell them,the pleasure is mine. I am awareof what you didI have come to saya big thank you. Oh, the pleasure is Mr. John’s

On the Rock

Winds are blowingStorms are fierceDust is all overClouds are burstingEarth is quakingRocks are splittingWalls are crackingHell is let loose. But the house will stand,if builton the LordIt will stand,if groundedon His wordWe will stand,if anchoredon the rock.


Each day we face hurdles;Tiny or greatFew or many. But they, we must, each day conquerOr be found day by day,seeking them to master For, overcoming hurdlesis what life is really about.

More Than a Glass

She ambles to that cornerEvery now and thenShe keeps telling AnnaIt’s not about menIt’s not about bayana*I don’t need the yenI just want to be finer Anna would always tell herWhat shows in the looking glassIs not who you really areNot even a magnifying glassMay tell if you can murderSo take away the sunglassAnd look …


Tomorrow,The future we saw in the pastThat eventually became presentTo quietly translate into bygone Tomorrow, That was once unknown; The terminus of our fears and hopes‘Tis now recounted as history Tomorrow,That of a generation;Today of some otherThe yesterday of another Tomorrow,‘Tis inconceiv’bly crucialToday continues or ceases without itThe previous may not even be Tomorrow,Truly, it …

Day and Night

Day and night, we livefor days and nights to come. Day and night, we sleepDay and night, we wakeand choose and actand many days and nightsare sorely impacted. Day and night, we loseDay and night, we gainA day and many daysA night and many nightsFrom one and anotherFor each and the other. Day and night, …