is spread across 5 categories or micro blogs, if you please.

They are:

  • Christian Diary Here I post thoughts, insights, experiences, stories and poems about the Christian life. 
  • Faith Queries I have always had critical questions about God, the bible and the Christian faith. And I have been confronted with some by other people too. The more I understand the more I write. This is for you if you also have such tough inquiries.
  • Life Reflections I am often drawn to ponder on life’s experiences, seeking understanding and growth. This is where I pen such random musings, stories and self-help essays for purposeful living.
  • Studentship Here, I endeavour to communicate the much I know about academic excellence and student life.
  • Words on Marble This is where I publish anecdotes, nuggets and accessible poems that are inspirational, motivational and meditative.